All of our clinicians are considered generalists and have a vast array of therapy techniques to individualize your treatment. At this time, our facility does not handle medication management or prescribe medication.

Your confidentiality is our number one concern. Everything you say to a therapist is protected by law and is kept strictly confidential. Information about your counseling is released to others only after you sign a release form. An exception to this is when your life is in danger or some illegal activity is involved, such as child abuse or neglect.


Counseling sessions are usually in one-hour units and sessions are typically held once each week. A session is 50 minutes of counseling and 10 minutes of charting time. If a session is cancelled, a charge may be made of one-half the normal fee, unless cancelled 24 hours in advance.

Services we provide include:
- Individual and Family
- Marriage
- Premarital
- Sexual
- Court-Ordered
- Grief
- Eating Disorders
- Substance Abuse
- Parenting
- Aftercare Following Hospitalization
- Crisis Intervention
- Critical Incident Debriefing.


Evaluation and assessment sessions are usually in one to four hour units and can take multiple visits. An evaluation or assessment is done by a licensed psychologist who completes a clinical interview and testing with the patient, then produces a report containing the clinical findings, diagnostic interpretations and recommendations. If an evaluation or assessment is cancelled, a charge may be made of one-half the normal fee, unless cancelled 24 hours in advance.

Our evaluations can include:
- Adoption Placement Evaluation
- Adult General Evaluation
- Child General Evaluation
- Educational Assessments
- Neuropsychological Screenings and Evaluations
- Parenting Assessments
- ADHD Evaluations
- Autism Evaluations
- IQ Testing

Local: 417-782-1443 or Toll Free: 800-624-1054

1230 N Duquesne Rd, Joplin, MO 64801, USA

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